Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog travels with
Firefighter Dayna Hilton, taking their fire
safety messages to children all across the
United States. The two belong to Johnson
County RFD 1 in Clarksville, Arkansas.
Together, the duo has reached millions of
children and their caregivers.

Sparkles and Hilton currently appear on
PBS KIDS Sprout On Demand and the
PBS KIDS Sprout Website sharing fire
safety tips and they have appeared on
FOX and Friends. Sparkles is the star of the
children's fire safety book and audio book,
Sparkles the Fire  Safety Dog.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, in 2007       
there were more than 1.5 million fires reported in the United           
States. These fires caused 3,430 civilian deaths, 17,675 civilian     
injuries, and $14.6 billion in property damage. In that same
year, there was a civilian fire related death every 30 seconds.

Sparkles and Firefighter Dayna hope to help change these
unfortunate statistics, one presentation at a time.

The award-winning, critically acclaimed children's fire safety         
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, has received national press    
coverage, including the
Chicago Tribune newspaper and                
Chicago Tribune webpage, the Baltimore Sun webpage, Tulsa      
World newspaper,, IFSTA publications, The            
Pennsylvanian Firemen, and many more. More information can     
be found

Television appearances have included
WXIN and WTHR in            
Indianapolis and
WLS in Chicago. Hilton has been interviewed     
Book Bites for Kids and a podcast for First Alert. In August       
2008, Sparkles and Spanner appeared on the cover of the              
Chicago Pet Directory.

Book tours have been held with major appearances in                     
Indianapolis, Chicago, Boston, Nashville. Sparkles and Hilton       
have participated in events held in cooperation with the
Chicago  Fire Department, the Nashville Fire Department
and the Tennessee State Fire Marshal's Office, among others.
Events have also been sponsored by
First Alert, the
International Fire Service Training Association and the Home
Safety Council

Over 10,000 copies of
Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog have
been sold to date. In addition, Sparkles website and blogs
are visited by people from around the world.
Click on the picture
below to watch
Firefighter Dayna,
Sparkles and
Spanner on FOX
and Friends.
Firefighter Dayna, Sparkles
and Spanner in New York
City on FOX and Friends.
My name is Sparkles, and
I am a fire safety dog. One
of my favorite things is to
help firefighters teach fire
safety. I love helping show
children, just like you, how
to crawl low under smoke.
I also love to ride on fire
trucks. It is so much fun!

It is super important to have an escape plan and an     
outside meeting place. Your meeting place can be      
a fence, a mailbox, or even a tree! Just make sure      
that everyone in your home knows where your            
outside meeting place is in case of fire and practice    
your home escape drill two times a year.

Most of all, remember to practice fire safety                  
 everyday and you will be a super Junior Firefighter!
We want to hear from you! If Sparkles the
Fire Safety Dog or Firefighter Dayna®  
materials helped save the life of someone
in a fire-related situation, please
Sparkles supports the

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Click on the picture
below to watch
Firefighter Dayna,
Sparkles and
Spanner on FOX
and Friends.
Firefighter Dayna,
Sparkles the Fire Safety
Dog and Spanner in
New York City on
FOX and Friends.
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Safety Dog on "Working Like
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