Where is your meeting place?
It is important to have an
outside meeting place. Here
are some places that you
could have as a meeting place.

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Click on the picture
below to watch
Firefighter Dayna,
Sparkles and
Spanner on FOX
and Friends.
Firefighter Dayna,
Sparkles the Fire Safety
Dog and Spanner in
New York City on
FOX and Friends.
Sparkles, Spanner and I
want you to be fire safe.

Remember to practice fire
safety EVERYDAY!
Recognize the Firefighter
as a Helper and a Friend
Firefighters are people who help us stay safe.
Firefighters are helpers because they have been
trained to put out fires and rescue people.
Stay Away From Hot
Things That Can Hurt
Know the Sound and the
Purpose of a Smoke Alarm
Matches and lighters are for grown-ups. If
you find matches or lighters, tell a grown-up!
Smoke alarms help keep you safe. Smoke alarms
make a loud noise when they smell smoke. The
alarm is telling you to GET OUT! GET OUT!
Have an Escape Map
It is important to have an escape map.
Know two ways out of every room.
Crawl Low Under Smoke
In case of fire, be sure to crawl low under
the smoke on your hands and knees. The
air is cleaner and cooler there. Get low and
go to your outside meeting place.
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Fire Safety Dog materials helped save the life
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