Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog's goal is to help  
keep children and their caregivers fire safe.

High paw to the following
Sparkles the Fire
Safety Dog's Fire Safety Champions
! These
individuals and organizations have helped  
spread the fire safety message!

If you have helped spread the fire safety
message by including Sparkles the Fire Safety
Dog's webpage link or helped in any other
way, please contact me at so
that we can include you on this list and make
you a Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog Fire Safety

Thank you!

Johnson County RFD #1
Southborough Fire Department
International Fire Training Association
Home Safety Council
National Fire Protection Association
Author's Read
Book Bites for Kids
First Alert
Chicago Fire Department
Pennsylvanian Fireman
Congressman John Boozman
Senator Mark Pryor
Author's Read Radio Show
FOX and Friends
Tulsa Rotary Club
Mac and Lori Finlayson
Kari, Jerry and Elaine Wood
Pamela Gleason Maynard
Nancy Trench
Cindy Finkle
Clarksville Primary School
Clarksville Chamber of Commerce
Tulsa Public Schools
Principal Tanya Davis
Celia Clinton Elementary
FIDO Friendly Magazine
DogSport Magazine
Janet Wilmoth
Fire Chief Magazine
Peter Matthews
Dr. Harry Carter
Jack Peltier
Jim Peltier
International Association of Fire Chiefs
Little Rock Family Magazine
Tulsa Pets Magazine
Linda Hubley
Brad Mooy
Arkansas Literary Festival
Pope County Literary Council
National Volunteer Fire Council
Mary Zimpel Smith
Glenn and Margie Trembley
Rep. George Overbey
Governor Mike Beebe
Chicago Pets Directory
Old Schoolhouse Magazine
New Teacher Resource Center
Evonne Carawan
Kiyoko Czech
Susan Eicher Mamber
Mayra's Secret Bookcase
Pets and Authors Blog
Mrs. Futia's First Grade Class
We want to hear from you! If Sparkles the
Fire Safety Dog or Firefighter Dayna®  
materials helped save the life of someone
in a fire-related situation, please
Sparkles supports the

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fire and life safety education in hopes to keep children and their families fire safe.
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Firefighter Dayna,
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Firefighter Dayna,
Sparkles the Fire Safety
Dog and Spanner in
New York City on
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