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below to watch
Firefighter Dayna,
Sparkles and
Spanner on FOX
and Friends.
Firefighter Dayna,
Sparkles the Fire Safety
Dog and Spanner in
New York City on
FOX and Friends.
This is my good friend, Lt. Jim Peltier from
the Southborough Fire Department. Lt. Jim
and his family have been very supportive
of my fire safety program and have helped
me reach many children. I like Jim so
much that I am even in a book with him
Sparkles Goes to Boston!
Do-Re-Mi and her owner, Cilla,
teach both children and adults
about how a dog behaves, what
signals humans give dogs and
teach how to behave around a
dog! They work hard to prevent
dog bites and misunderstanding
between dogs and humans!
This is my good friend, Wingo. Wingo
was rescued from certain drowning at
just one week old and helps the
Morgan Nick Foundation, where he
regularly provides comfort to families
and teaches safety skills to kids.
This is my good friend,
Rainbow Diamond.
Rainbow Diamond is the
official spokes dog for the
Diamond Dachshund
Rescue of Texas
This is my good friend,
Emma Zen
. Emma Zen is
a biker dog and loves
going for a ride in her
motorcycle! Emma Zen
lives in California.
This is my good friend,
Frankie the Walk 'n Roll
Dog. Frankie and I really
like spending time together!
She lives in Elkhart Lake,
These are my friends,
Cindy and Tom. They
just love dalmatians!
This is Kendra. She just loves it
when Spanner, Firefighter
Dayna and I go see her at the
TV station. She helps us share
fire safety messages.
This is Sprinkler.  He's a
silly  bunny, isn't he?
This is Spanner just
before we went on
and Friends in New
York City.. She is my
best friend and loves
helping me teach fire
Firefighter Dayna
This is Ryan. Ryan
says that he is my #1
fan! Since Ryan is
such a big fan, I put
him on a fire safety
poster and even put a
picture of him in my
Sparkles the
Fire Safety Dog!
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